KB9VBR J-Pole.

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Jun 23, 2006
I just mounted my KB9VBR J-Pole and I can say that I am actually quite impressed with the results :)

I have the antenna mounted approx 30ft. on the roof of the house and I am pulling in Locomotives from about 30 miles away.The RR frequencies are really busy now that I have something to pull them in with.

I am picking up base units from well over 70+ miles with ease and can say this is the best $35 I have ever spent on an antenna.

The construction is top notch and I have a feeling this antenna will last me for a very long time.

Oh and this is fed in to a Radio Shack PRO-164.

Just wanted to share my experience.

Here is the antenna he sells.

Oh and he actually tuned the antenna for the 155/460 range at no extra cost :) these are tuned for the 2m/70cm if you do not specify otherwise.


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Dec 26, 2006
Denver, CO
KB9VBR lives in my hometown and I know him personally. His j-pole antennas are second to none. I own a 2m/440 antenna j-pole for ham radio operations and the thing is a work horse. I've had it for three years and taken it all over with me and it has never let me down. You'd be amazed what an antenna made of copper tubing can do.

If you need an antenna made, don't hesitate having Michael build you one. He knows his stuff and his craftsmanship is stellar. The antenna will last you decades and you will be 100% satisfied with performance.

You made a good buy! KB9VBR J-Pole, AWESOME antenna at a cheap price point.

Just Google "KB9VBR" and you'll find his website.
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