KCMO PD - can't recieve broadcasts...Pro-107

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Mar 13, 2010
Disclaimer: I am relatively new to wireless radio comms but I understand all the concepts (talkgroups, trunking, etc.)

I just purchased a RadioShack Pro 107 (trunking scanner) and I receive comms from OP, Lenexa (I believe), Raytown, etc, but I live in middle KC and I am not getting any comms at all from the KCPD, and I have all the divisions (East, South, etc) programmed as per the RR database. (It is properly loaded onto the SD card)

Essentially, when I scan the talkgroups loaded for KCPD, it never receives any transmissions. Are they encrypted or something? I dont really get it.

Oddly, however, when I scan the frequencies they use (850-860Mhz) I have confirmed I can hear their broadcast (based on their dispatch locations), but I don't get the benefit of following the talkgroups when I have to do a manual freq scan. It's impossible to follow. This is the only agency that I have trouble with. Is there something different about them I don't know about?

Anyone else have a Pro-107?


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Dec 26, 2000
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What radio are you using?

edacs is the type of trunk, and if it is a radio shack scanner
you need to have the LCN 00 not used , start at LCN 01

like this:
01 856.21250 02 857.21250 03 858.21250 04 859.21250 05 854.36250 06 856.46250 07 857.46250 08 858.46250 09 859.46250 10 855.93750 11 856.26250 12 857.26250 13 858.26250 14 859.26250 15 854.71250 16 856.73750 17 857.73750 18 858.73750 19 859.73750 20 855.66250 21 856.43750 22 857.43750 23 858.43750 24 859.43750 25 859.5125

you don't have to have LCN 25 as that is used as a fail soft channel and is not part of the trunk in day to day use.
it is included since the Subscriber Units are programmed that way.
also make sure you using the correct TG method for your radio either decimal or AFS.
hope this helps.



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Another thing about RS/GRE scanners is that they don't follow patches, so you will want to make sure you program them in as well. 14-135, 14-136, & 14-137 are commonly used. South & Metro are usually patched together.
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