Kentucky bill may help hang up landline phone service

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Dec 19, 2002
Nashville, TN
“I’d say that a person should be entitled, for safety precautions and public health, (to have) a landline,”

---Wow what a quote. I guess we should pay for it too. Oh wait we already do. I think it is crazy to have these laws in the first place and even crazier to continue to force a company to pay steep prices for a service that will not make them money. Allowing private companies to invest capital the way it believes will work best is eventually a win win for everyone. We will never have anything 100% (coverage, cheap price, dependability, accurate 911 location service, everyone has it, etc.) However, keeping a company from using funds to build an antiquated system does not help the situations. I raises prices and reduces the number of new towers, etc. that could be built.

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Not open for further replies.