Kenwood B2000

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Jan 31, 2014
North Little Rock, Ar
Does anyone have a Kenwood B2000 transceiver? Ive come across what appears to me to be a really good deal on the transceiver (silver no controls on it), remote head, computer control program, desk mic, and a 6M,2M,440cm Diamond antenna with splitter box.

I was looking through the manual, and unless I use the Easy Mode on the mobile head, the radio looks totally confusing to use. Id like confirmation that it looks worse in the manual than it is.

I primarily just use HF with a butternut vertical, and want this radio for 6M SSB and 2M FM. I am hoping it wont take me 30 minutes to pull up a frequency on 2M during a severe storm, and another 30 minutes to figure out how to go to simplex :)

Im not computer illiterate, but hesitate to control a high power HF rig connected to my quite expensive i7 server computer, due to RF feedback and other issues, so would probably use the mobile control head in the house instead.

Would I be better off sticking with my Yaesu 757GX for HF, and just get a 6 meter multimode and 2M FM rig, or is it not as complicated as the manual makes it appear?
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