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Kenwood nx-210


Aug 22, 2023
I'm having trouble getting my Kenwood NX-210K2 to scan I can only use one channel at a time want to scan all railroad channels but don't know how have read the manual.


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Dec 5, 2008
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Well first you have to have a button programmed for scan (DUH)! Pressing this will put two arrows in a circle in the display indicating the radio is now scanning.

To scan you must have at least two channels added to the scan list. Channels can be added via the programming software. You can also add channels on the fly if a button is programmed as Add/Delete. As you scroll through the channels you may notice a triangle on the right above the channel name/number. This indicates it is in the scan list and is available for scanning. The add/delete button will toggle the triangle on or off.

Now also there is a condition where a zone needs to be added. Depends on a couple of things. Are all your channels in one zone?
If the radio is programmed for single zone scan there is nothing to do. It will scan as long as two or more channels are added and only scan in that specific zone. If the radio is programmed for multi zone scan, even if you have only one zone, you may have to add that zone for scanning. This is usually done by pressing and holding the add/delete button until a triangle appears on the left side above the channel name. If the left triangle is on and there are two or more channels in thatz one with the right triangle on, well scan has just gotta work.


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Jun 3, 2011
I'm having trouble getting my Kenwood NX-210K2 to scan I can only use one channel at a time want to scan all railroad channels but don't know how have read the manual.

Please follow-up after you've read ramal121's thorough explanation.


Apr 25, 2017
Ramal121's post is perfect. The big thing I will add is. The function of the buttons of your radio isn't in the manual because none of them are set. Every button except the PTT button are programable. So there's a chance there isn't a button to scan programmed all.

Scan is a really complex radio function too because it's hard to go through the whole tree of all the scan options when all you have from the user is "add Scan" it's up to the programmer to guess how the user wants it to work most of the time.

If this is a radio you own. you can have a shop change the programming if needed. If this is your employer's radio you could ask your boss about getting it changed.

Ramal121's post is more than enough for you to check to see if the scan icon comes. so just press all the buttons until you the scan symbol. then check to see if your channels are in the list by looking for the triangle. The symbol's are in the manual but his description is good enough too.