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Kenwood NX-700 Delayed Powerup


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Nov 24, 2010
Having an interesting problem with my NX-700 mobile.

For 5 years, no issues. The radio powers up as soon as I turn the key forward and get Aux power.


For the last few months...there is now and considerable dealy...sometimes it doesn't even power on at all and I have to turn the truck off and do it all again.

When its delayed in coming on, the LCD Screen lettering is so dim you cannot even read it.

The the most bizzare thing ever.

Sometimes the lettering gets brighter and normal, sometimes it doesn't

Sometimes there is a delay

Sometimes there isn't.

It cant be a power issue as the Uniden Scanner right below it comes on 100% of the time right away as expected.

Anyone ever experience something like that before? I will try and grab a video if my message was to confusing.


Mar 14, 2004
It absolutely sounds like a power issue.

Just cause an adjacent device has power, doesn't mean the connection from the distribution point to the separate devices are exactly the same and in the exact same operating condition.

Time to start at that device and work backwards, get your hands on every inch of conductor from the back of that radio until the fused point. You'll find something amiss.


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Jul 27, 2005
LATA 722
I've got probably 100 NX-900's in operation, and haven't seen that happen.

First test would be to remove the radio from the vehicle and power it up with a bench supply and see if it does the same thing.