Packet Kenwood TM-D710A/TM-D700 No GPS blinking icon solved!

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Mar 22, 2007
Lewistown, Montana
This is a follow up to the message I posted on Aug. 27, 2019.
After basically 8 months I decided to try fixing this problem, want to be able to use the D710 for position reporting and to be able
to view other APRS stations on the gps display.
The Garmin GPSMap 176C has a 4 pin round connector on the back, 2 pins are for power, red & black; 2 pins are for data in & out, brown & white.
The Kenwood TM-D710 requires a 2.5 mm, 3 conductor plug, on my plug the tip was red for data in, the mid was black for data out, and the 3 rd was
bare copper (shield).
This time I connected the bare copper wire (shield) from the 710 cable to the black/ground of the Garmin plug and once the gps locked onto my position the
”GPS” icon on the 710 started blinking and immediately transmitted my position and after it received several packets other APRS stations showed up
on the gps display!
In the past I had never connected the shield on the 710 cable to the ground on the Garmin cable. This was a new cable for the 710.
Hope this helps out anybody else with this set up or a similar problem.
73, Rex(y)
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