Kenwood TS-120S: receive problems

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Dec 8, 2012
West Richland, WA
I just got this Kenwood TS-120s on a trade for a Yeasu ft-101e that needs an alignment job. The ham I made the trade with has the alignment gear. Transmit on the ts-120s is 100% working. Putting out around 125 watts on cw test into the dummy load. But the receive is about as weak as watered down moonshine. When I plug in my Radio Shack DX-390 sw receiver on to my loop antenna I hear a lot of stations booming in and so does WWV. Same antenna connected to the ts-120s and I barely hear the strongest stations that were booming in on the DX-390 and I barely hear WWV. I hear lot of loud static and birdies in the ts-120s. At 01:00 Z the W.A.R.T.S. net starts. With the loop antenna on the DX-390 I hear just about everyone on the net. On the ts-120s I barely hear the strongest stations with my headphones on and the rf and af gain up full blast. The receive rf gain works. I can get rid of the static and birdies and the if shift works. The ts-120s almost acts like the coax has a pin stuck in it shorting the shield to the center conductor or the center conductor is open. The antenna and coax are fine, I did a manual ohm's test on the loop and the coax. The radio was working fine on both tx and rx before it got boxed up and shipped to me via USPS. Anyone have any ideas as to what is wrong?

Steve kc7byp
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