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King County Sheriff Scanner

Feb 19, 2019
I'd like a recommendation on a handheld (preferable) scanner that I can program King County Sheriff frequencies into.

Someone just handed me a Uniden BC125AT and it doesn't seem to cover the 800 MHz.

Jul 18, 2016
Bothell, WA
If you have the funds you can buy a digital scanner but the recent models are several hundred dollars and receive just about every mode. If you go cheap and just pick up an analog scanner then that's fine but you'll need to buy a digital scanner in a year or so. A used Uniden 346XT will suffice for now.
Jun 16, 2014
Central, NC
You won't need a digital scanner for most of the normal public safety listening in King county, but you will need an 800 MHz and trunking capable scanner.

I use the BCD436HP by Uniden and would highly recommend it. It supports many forms of digital and trunking and is easy to program. And with the introduction of the SDS-line, the 436 is dropping somewhat in price. Of course, it doesn't do as well on some digital simulcast systems as the SDS-line does.


Premium Subscriber
Nov 2, 2011
Wenatchee, WA
If you only want to hear the sheriff or nearby police that share the KCERS then analog will do, but keep in mind the Troopers are only digital I believe, if you want to hear them at all. This is the only semi-current analog Uniden I found to go past 512mhz, Uniden Bearcat BR330T Police Scanner Radio | Scanner Master, but I agree with IcomIcR20 that things are going digital. You can future proof a little by getting a digital scanner, around $300-400, without getting all the bells and whistles of a $700 scanner