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    For M/A Com/Harris/GE, etc: there are two software packages that program all current and past radios. One package is for conventional programming and the other for trunked programming. The trunked package is in upwards of $2,500. The conventional package is more reasonable though is still several hundred dollars. The benefit is you do not need multiple versions for each radio (unlike Motorola).

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Feb 24, 2001
You would probably find a master sheet or pdf file in your fire departments office, comm officer, system admin, chief, or who is over your operations. I would go that route. If your volunteer entity is small and under the sheriff per say they would have the data you seek. If someone is familiar you may seek them out in your county sheriff, other sister volunteer fire depts. If you do indeed have a person over the communications for sure you'd want to talk to this person first and have them go over the radio.

On side note from reading unfortunately this is a all too common issue across the country in many areas where small agencies who are volunteer on conventional systems have no radio shop, system admin or comm to go to tech. Seen it over a million times. Most will order from a dealer give a sheet on what they want thrown in and programmed, others go to other agencies to have it programmed, or if they are lucky a government shop who maintains the regional systems for small to no fee. I have seen this with small sheriff and police agencies as well. No Oem, no comm shop, no tech, no system admin. If the repeater or tower/console is down they call the previous vendor or contractor to go out and fix it. Some may have persons in ham radio working in the government entity doing minor maintenance to programming. Some just we got these new radios or had to so let's program them up. This is the reality of America. So I don't understand why so many act surprised. Not saying I agree with it, or don't agree with it but you'll find this is way more common then you think. We could talk legality, issues, lawsuits all night but reality is this is a very common thing in many areas of the country. It usually ends when a TRS is introduced. But we have seen it happen before and the issues of it.

Over all ask and go to your communications admin, or if the county has a contractor go through them talk to them just have them go over the radio see if they will check it. Then with proper credentials being volunteer they should not charge or very little at best. Most shops in have seen understand that issue and will work with volunteers with proper credentials on getting them setup allot of times no fee being they are volunteer and use whatever mix of radio equipment on conventional.


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Sep 20, 2008
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We have no tech to do this. This a volunteer fire house. Not in budget.

Not a big deal. It is reality in many departments.

i have been the fire service for 22 years for the city of Rittman.
Then you need to CYA. You need to stop asking for help until: 1) you have talked to, and obtained permission to program from the license holder and 2) have received a list of frequencies you are licensed to use.

I have already asked for the info.
Then you need to wait until you receive that information.

that is why I am looking to learn to program or find someone close to me to have them programmed.

I am glad you want to learn. Better to learn, than constantly pay for service. That said, learning to program radios, that will be yours and your brother and sister firefighters life line in a potential IDLH environment is not the place to be learning. Screwing up here, could potentially cost lives.

These radios will not go into service until programmed right. Thats why i want someone who knows how to do this and teach at the same time.

Thank you for your service.


May 19, 2007
thanks you all. I found a dealer that will program these radios right for a low cost. thanks again for your input. these guys at fire house thank you.
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