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KSAT 127.1 approach (Green laser pointer Incidents)


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Jan 1, 2005
San Antonio, Texas
I heard ATC tell a pilot while I was listening to the feed archives that the police helicopter spots lasers often.
Listen for American Flight 887 pilot telling ATC he was hit with a green laser over the 5 mile final App marker.
The pilot later asks ATC if the FBI was notified and ATC responds that the local police dept was notified, etc.

I logged into Broadcastify / San Antonio Approach / Departure (KSAT) / 1-1-2019 / 8:26pm~8:56pm segment.
Dec 2, 2015
San antonio Tx 78216
SAPD East open 11:40 Pm CDT
Eagle/Helocopter just got one for laser pointer incident
I Guess at Eagle/Helocopter
Booking of Perp for this incident
Eagle/Helocopter Said its a FBI Incident
and he has Video