KSP and the Home Patrol Extreme Upgrade - P25 Conventional Talkgroups

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Jan 30, 2001
A snippet from the latest National Communications magazine may be of some interest to those who listen to KSP’s UHF P25 conventional system. While this is primarily focused on the Uniden Home Patrol HP-1, I believe the PSR-800 and PRO-18 have similar features, but unsure how they specifically work…

Home Patrol Extreme Upgrade & Conventional P25 - January/February 2012 National Communications

“I tried this feature out using the Columbia Gas conventional system. The Columbia Gas system is a multi-site P25 conventional system using talkgroups and radios IDs, with several talkgroups for voice and a few for data.

Being a P25 conventional system with talkgroups, the only way to monitor it using talkgroups and radio IDs is to set it up as a P25 single-frequency trunked system, with each frequency set up as an individual site. Even though it is not trunked, this method allows one to monitor talkgroups and radio IDs on a conventional P25 system by adding them to a scan list, just like any other frequency or talkgroup.

Setup was pretty easy, and by creating the system in software I was able to alter all aspects of the system settings before uploading it to the radio (i.e. HP-1). Monitoring the Columbia Gas system worked just fine, with good clean audio, display of talkgroups and radio IDs, and the ability to lock out data-only ID’s and talkgroups, which is a definite advantage.

At this point, thinking about P25 conventional talkgroups might cause one to ask what the point of P25 talkgroups might be when the same effect (separation of user groups and functions) can be accomplished by using separate Network Access Codes (NACs). As far as I can tell, there really isn’t much difference from the scanning standpoint, but from the radio system administrator aspect there are certainly some advantages such as the ability to use multiple talkgroups and an all-call talkgroup on a single frequency, where the same setup using NACs would be a bit more complicated.”

A friend of mine tried this on the Henderson site with the following results:
Dispatch Console talkgroup showed 65535 with RID of 1600003.
Mobile talkgroup showed 1 with RID of 246.

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