LA Co Report Problem

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Apr 5, 2008
Los Angeles (Southbay), CA

I asked this a few weeks ago in the database forum but did not get a response so I thought I would ask the people it would be most relevant for.

For more than a month, I have not been able to generate/download a pdf report for LACo Printable PDF of FCC licenses or for the LA Metro reports. Neither the sorted by licensee or the sorted by frequency seem to work.

I can download other counties without problems (just as normal) but for these, it seems like it times out or something, because a pdf file is never generated for download.

I have tried this with the exact same results on different computers and using different internet connections.

I'm not asking for someone to download it for me, I'm just wondering if there is a problem with the database that should be reported or is it just a problem I am experiencing.

I would appreciate it if someone else who is a premium member, please try to generate one of these reports and let me know if it is working, or is it a problem that I should report.

Not open for further replies.