LA County Wiki Article needs some proofreading...

How would you like the data in "Los Angeles County (CA)" wiki article handled?

  • Status Quo is wonderful, leave it as is.

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  • Moving the LA City data out would be nice, leave everythign else where it is.

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  • Cities w/ Large amounts of data should get their own article, indexed on LA Co article.

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Aug 3, 2005
Minneapolis Area
I recently did some work on the Los Angeles County Wiki Article. As I was doing the work, one thing led to another, and I ended up building a couple of tables of all of the apparatus operated by both LA City and LA County Fire Departments as there was no real good source for this information in one page (Lots of great info out there, just not condensed like I prefer it). There was alot of great info already in the article, but it needed some work. I used multiple internet based sources, which will be cited soon, but first things first, I need some more information -

- Can someone verify the apparatus listing that I built? I used a couple websites, flickr and listening to feeds to build my tables, and I am sure there are errors.
- Do all radio tones for County Fire come over Blue 8?
- Does anyone have a list of hospitals and their 3 digit number? I've logged 2 but that's it.
- The article has become large and cumbersome. How would people feel about breaking it down and moving LA City data into an article called "Los Angeles County (CA) Los Angeles" (that is the standard I have been using for Cities). I am up in the great white north of Minneapolis, so I would rather not go cutting up another state's wiki articles without some input from the people who actually use them.

Please feel free to send me the changes that need to be made if you dont know how to edit wiki or don't feel like it, otherwise, feel free to play with it yourself!

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