LAB: Labrador City/Wabush Area


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Jan 24, 2010
Opocopa, Labrador / Westfield, New Jersey
Can anyone provide information on public safety frequencies for the Labrador City and Wabush area? Work is sending me up there for several months, and I would love to have the applicable local frequencies in the radio.

Obviously I'm sure RNC and RCMP are 99% on the Newfoundland Provincial Radio system, fully encrypted. However, as far as I know Labrador City Fire-Rescue, Wabush Fire Department, and Wabush Municipal Police are all still clear conventional. I have also, in the recent past, seen RNC using what sure sounded like an analog conventional repeater to the east toward Emeril. There is no information in the database for the area.

Any help is appreciated, a search of the Industry Canada TAFL didn't help much.