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Jan 20, 2012
Lincoln, NE
What is up with the database? It has become a mess!

There is no consistency in the tags. The schools are really a mess, there are multiple tags with the same name, thus providing no difference between tag. There are talk-around groups listed as tactical talk-groups. There isn't even a Channel 26 any more that is used by UNL. I'm pretty sure that the Governor's security detail has moved off the county system. Why is the UNL buses and transportation services listed with law enforcement?


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Database Admin
Dec 28, 2002
Ahwatukee, AZ (Phoenix)
Hi Dave_E,

I appreciate your suggestions on making the DB for Lancaster County more up to date. However, as stated by the forum moderator, please submit changes to the DB rather than posting a rant like this in the forum. There is a submit tab on every system in the DB that make it easy to submit updates/changes to a system. The DB is comprised of submissions from scanner listeners like yourself, and we rely on your submissions for accurate information.

A majority of the information has not been updated since 2008 or earlier as there have not been many new submissions until just recently.

Regarding your comments:
-If you have a suggestion on how to label alpha tags, please let me know. Alpha tags are limited to 12 characters including spaces. How the tags are listed is based on past submissions on how listeners would like to see them. If you have a recommendation on changes, please submit to the database.
-The school channels numbers have not been fully identified, and are undoubtedly messy. If you are able to ID the actual channel number or more accurate descriptions for the school channels, please submit and I will update.
-I will go through the type tags and try to better identify tactical vs talkaround talkgroups. If you have any additional suggestions on changes, please submit.
-Back in 2004, I was able to positively identify talkgroup 12-086 as UNL Ch. 26 “Central”. When it was identified, it was a very rarely used talkgroup and it took me a lot of recordings and listening to finally identify. If we certain that this talkgroup is no longer programmed into UNL radios, I will remove it from the DB. However, I received a recent submission that makes me think 12-086 is still in use but it may be a different name or channel number. If anyone can confirm, please submit to the DB.
-Last time I monitored the Lincoln system, which about 1 year ago, Capitol security was still on the system. A recent submission added some better descriptions and a new talkgroup for Capitol security. If we can confirm that Capitol Security has moved to a new system, please submit the new info to the DB.
-I am planning to move all UNL talkgroups (Police, Fire, Parking, and Busses to a separate category for UNL). This will make it stand out from the LPD/LSO channels for those that are interested in monitoring UNL operations.

Long story short, until just a few days ago, there has not been a lot of good info submitted for the Lancaster County system. I want to continue to make RR be the best source of Scanner information for Nebraska, so if anyone has any updates to this system or any other system in Nebraska, please submit.

Best Regards,

Joe – RadioReference DB Admin
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