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Larsen vs. Laird Tri-band


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Jul 27, 2005
Not those specific models.

But I have some of each brand, and I've been happy with both of the brands. Both have been durable and stood up to a lot of abuse.
My personal favorite is the Larsen brand, though. I have some 30 year old Larsen antennas that have outlasted the vehicles they were installed on. The bases are pretty durable and well designed.


Nov 18, 2009
Somwhere in the South Pacific
I own both using Tri-Bands with third party 3.5" NMO mounts on Nissan's Maxima vehicles. Paired with Uniden UBC126AT and/or TRX-1 scanner when traveling. I found no noticeable difference far as performance goes. Happy with both despite using different band plan.
Mainly 75.xxx, Air, 140.xxx, 420.xxx, 485.xxx MHz. Reception is very good on all frequencies considering used in moving vehicle.
Thank you Mr mmckenna for your recommendation few years ago.


Premium Subscriber
Sep 6, 2008
Long Beach ca,
I've been using the Larsen 150/450/800 tri-band black unity gain antenna now for many years.... Love the low profile....... I pick up CHP Low band all the way up to the 800.... P25...... all crystal clear ..... A old scanner dealer in the SF Bay area told me about it .....he said you will not find anything better (I was stubborn and tried others) But he was right and I was wrong........Note.... the specs dont show low band... but it does very well on it


Feb 22, 2007
Bristol, Pa.
I have used both and have chosen the Larson newer tri-band with the spring as better reception. I've noticed reception is the same as the older Tri band Larson but I too like the new mount with the larger seal.