Las Vegas Area wildfire channels 2020


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Mar 1, 2019
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My source is just basically many hours of listening and gathering intelligence. I don’t have any official sources on the “inside”. I was able to determine the new frequency for the Carson Ranger District on the
day it was changed, 15th of October, 2018, by just monitoring traffic and searching. I’ve always known about Leviathan. I made a trip to Minden Dispatch about 25 years ago, and was given a frequency list by one of the dispatchers, in these days, that would never happen. I’ve also toured Elko Interagency and Central Nevada in Winnemucca years ago. In this post 9-11 world, sadly, those are now all secure facilities. I feel it is sad that things have come to this; because I am one of the biggest fans of the wildland firefighters, but I do understand the need for secrecy, to a certain extent. I remember back in the days when my radio hobby started, over 25 years ago, there used to be HTF Secondary(Admin) Nets on both Leviathan and Peavine, now the secondary net on Peavine is gone, as far as I know, as well as the phone patches. The phone patches were put in pre cell era. The HTF has a very complicated radio system that is now RoiP, like much of Region 4. The traffic is piggybacked on the Nevada state microwave system, or at least it used to be, and the internal phone lines for the Forest are also carried over this network, thus saving long distance charges. I was extremely fortunate to have picked up a lot of what I know from guys like Robert Kelty, Fred Richter and others who taught me the art of radio and monitoring.

“the task of intelligence is never complete”
the late Robert Kelty.
Cool, my Daddy taught me radio very early on, he was a ham and a civil engineer for the U.S. Forest Service. We had radios you tuned with a dial (VFO) for both ham and public safety. We had 3 of them in our house due to the difficulty of tuning frequencies. His knowledge then and now is how I make the comments I do. Many I say are written by my him, but are either dictated to me by him, or an edited version of what he started. My Daddy insisted that I study and pass the ham general class right after high school graduation. It included code at the time and I'm sorry fellow hams, I wasn't interested, I barely used it. I am so thankful he convinced me to get that license. My late Hubby was also a ham and civil engineer, but I swear I wasn't looking for a man like my father, he had other qualities and values that I fell in love with. My Daddy and my Hubby were like two peas in a pod. For girls they get used to their father's scrutiny of every boy that shows up. When I brought my future husband to Thanksgiving Dinner at home, he later got all over me to not lose this guy. Hubby hadn't "popped the question" yet at the time. He was a Kelty fan, he always said his guides were the best. Dan Rollman, when he lived in Arizona, put out superior products. It isn't all about frequencies, it is understanding how they are used combined with some information about an agency's organization. You never looked at an entry that said something like "PSAMP" for a frequency or talkgroup. He figured out every abbreviation and spelled it out. Kelty was the same. That was Hubby's opinion anyway and now, I guess to keep him alive for me, I've picked up and studied his notebooks, notes and files. I find comfort in my grief doing so. When the movers picked up my things in CA to move to AZ about a year and a half ago, they commented, who picks up 5 full filing cabinets from a home? 3 of them are full of maps. Daddy is a great resource, he did more than his share of firefighting in his 36 years of service. Hubby was very good at showing up at dispatch centers and getting tours, even post 9-11. The volunteer firefighter in a rural area line was a door opener.


Mar 19, 2015
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re Post 8 re CA BLM

the 2020 info shows the CA CDD zone/bank as -

166.375 R - 166.975 in - sites at Tourquoise + Calico + Christmas Tree + Old Woman's + Government + Bird Springs

Mohave NP - 169.9875 R

BLM SOA - 168.30 - PL 0.0

Tac 1 - 168.85

Tac 2 - 168.20

Tac 7 - 168.35 - mobiles TX PL 100.0

A/G 59 - 169.1125

A/G 53 - 168.4875

Cal A/G 4 - 151.22

So when did we get a PL of 0.0
That's what you have listed on BLM SOA 168.30 thanks


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Apr 19, 2005
PL 0.0 is my notation for CSQ or no PL or null PL or PL not enabled or CG not programmed etc