LASD beeping around 0320 hours?

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Salty Coxswain
Jun 25, 2017
Los Angeles County, California
If any of you fine LASD aficionados or SCC Superstars can help a brother out it would be most appr3ciated.

Okay, so I'm kinda nocturnal by nature so I generally catch a lot of code 9 10-29Vs* and 459s on the dispatch channels really late at night. I don't know if I have been hearing this for years and never noticed it or its a new thing the Communications guys are doing, but usually around 3:00 am or so I hear these strange tones on the special dispatch channels (SUD, SEB, SAR) and I know for fact it's not a busy tone or the repeater IDing. I summed it up to nightly testing but I don't really know for sure. It starts about 3:20 and ends a little before 4:00 am. It's a little sporadic in its timing and the beeps are far more drawn out. I doubt it a unit keying because I never hear SCC or a station dispatcher respond or prompt a call out. Could it be a data transmission? I could've sworn that they did this on the 5 and 8 meg MDT channels... I'm pretty stumped, to be honest.

The tones sorta goes like

[------ --------- -------- -------]

These are longer intervals then the busy tone which is something along the lines of;

[--- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- ---]

I couldn't find any information on this and the few midnight deputies that I've talked to swears that it's a simple busy tone.

I would be more than happy to stay up tonight to provide a sample if it helps further my investigations. 😪❌...

Grateful for any input. Thanks!
Not open for further replies.