Last Sundays 6/1/08 NJ EMS Task Force Drill

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Mar 1, 2004
Harrison, New Jersey
Hello Everyone,

I got to take part in a NJ EMS Task Force drill here what was Active.

After the - ( Dash ) indicates what the use of that channel was for that day.

ITAC 5 - Used as Coordination / Admin Channel Task force members and Strike Team Leaders.

800 MHZ NJSP System - NJ EMS Task Force - County Coordinator Fleet - Coordination
800 MHZ NJSP System - NJ EMS Task Force - Fleet - Coordination
JEMS 3 - Strike Team Ambulance to Ambulance Communications.

Many ambulances that day in the field of play don't either have or know what the JEMS plan was.

I was with the Bergen County Strike Team we used MICCOM primary to let them know we where heading to the staging area and Spen 4 when we where approaching staging which was located at Giants Stadium / Meadowlands at lot 18E.

Important Note..

I noticed that many for the NJ EMS task force for close in communications where wearing but not using FRS radios, So my fellow radio friends please be aware that this muti billion agency from the state may use the simplest form of communication known to man for some close in tactical / B.S. Operations.

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Harrison, NJ
Apr 10, 2007
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the only reason i could understand why people are unfamiliar with the 'JEMS' RADIO plan is because of the turnover rate in the volunteer ranks for one thing. the other is most people, unlike us who are radio freaks, don't care! they know enough to pick up the radio to call their pd or ems dispatch center but other than that, they just don't care! i know thru the new jersey state first aid council mobilization staff meetings, stuff like this is mentioned and it is up to people to get the word out as to what radio plans as well as mutual aid agreements, etc are brought back to the individual state districts thru the council. i know that the uasi stuff has been stressed and, i believe thru the standards committee of the council, they have included the JEMS plan and all of the new frequencies on the checklist of what every ambulance affiliated thru the NJSFAC is supposed to have in them. also it is posted so if people put in jems radio plan, i believe it comes up thru searching - if not, it is under NJSFAC webpage under mobilization.

reply from former voice of 'MONMOUTH EMS 1"
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