Lawrence County

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May 30, 2009
In a house along a busy road in Mercer County, Far
I was doing a search here in Mercer County this morning and came up with this frequency and Tone. 464.1500 / DPL 043. I was catching info of a body being found in the water or on the bank at or near Grove Street. So I did a search for Grove Street and found that it was in New Castle and that it crosses over Neshannock Creek. So after all that being said I have now figured out that this is either a taxi company or the bus service either for the county or for New Castle. I just now picked up the dispatcher calling for bus #xxx. This is a good frequency and tone from up here in Mercer County. If someone from the area there can verify this you can then submit it to the database as to exactly who is using the frequency. There is a lot of chatter going on and they really don't seem to care what they are saying over the radio about anything or anyone.
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