Lawsuit: County Knew Defendant Was Dangerous

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Sep 5, 2003
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Posted: 08 May 2014 07:54 PM PDT

A Pennsylvania woman has filed a lawsuit against the Cambria County Department of Emergency Services alleging it failed to take action in 2012 when she dialed 911 for help as one of their public safety dispatchers assaulted her. Lisa Flynn says in a federal lawsuit that when she telephoned for help, off-duty dispatcher Charles Pavlosky took the phone from her, talked to the calltaker, and then no police ever responded to help her. The two were in a dating relationship for two years, but Flynn says Pavlosky became violent over a five-month period. Flynn says one night she returned home were Pavlosky was hiding inside and attacked her. “During the struggle,” the lawsuit states, “plaintiff managed to grab her cell phone and dial 9-1-1. Pavloskhy grabbed the phone from plaintiff and spoke with the 9-1-1 operator, instructing them not to send the police.” During the call Flynn was screaming for help, the lawsuit states. As a result of the non-response, Flynn was sexually assaulted and required hospitalization. The county had suspended Pavlosky for two weeks after a incident five months earlier, but didn’t fire him. “It was foreseeable that Plaintiff would be harmed and injured by failing to dispatch police,” the lawsuit says. The lawsuit doesn’t ask for specific damages. Download (pdf) the lawsuit complaint for more details
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