LCRA-Comal Co Site - Very Poor Output ???

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Jan 1, 2005
San Antonio, Texas
I have been meaning to ask around and see if others have noticed they no longer receive
very well or at all the LCRA EDACS 900Mhz Comal Co Tower site # 027 these days ?

I used to get this site anywhere inside my house and wondered if it was still operating ?
Yesterday, I took a drive from 281 north, turned on 1604 and went out past RAFB to IH-10E
and only once did I get barely get the CC reading S#27 as I cruised by Rolling Oaks Mall.
I never got more than 13% modulation on both my Pro-106 & Pro-164 w/ RS800 Antenna's.
Now what's crazy is that I could pull in both the Kendall Co and the New Braunfels sites weak
but good enough to track. So does anybody have any ideas as to what has happened to the
once powerfull Comal Co site that reached mostly all over the San Antonio area ?
Come to think of it I may not have had any RX of this site all this year ~ anyone feel the same?

Lastly, I ask any of you to tune where you are to this sites LCN #7 936.9500 and see if you also
hear a very strong sound that sounds like a Motorola TRS type CC or Data type reception ?
Makes me wonder if the posted LCN#7 is still valid for this LCRA site ?

ps ~ I will try to get out by that tower and run etrunker and see if perhaps the LCN's have changed
or they have added some additional LCN's ? Try seeing if you RX LCN #1 as the CC today ?

027 (1B) Comal County (COMAL_CO) Comal 01 935.70000c 02 936.70000c 03 937.25000c
04 937.72500 05 939.93750 06 935.20000c 07 936.95000
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