LCRA: San Saba

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Oct 5, 2001
Saint Hedwig,TX
I was up in Brownwood Tuesday night and came across a Control channel at 935.9250.

Unitrunker Identifies it as LCN 2 Control with a Site id of( 24 Hex) (36 Dec)

Decode was 99% the entire time and I logged 3 Channels on the site

LCN 1 935.4000
LCN 2 935.9250
LCN 3 937.9875

Freqs were identified with a second Handheld while calls were observed in UT.

Of note.. I did not monitor any voice traffic at all .. but every 12 minutes in UT I observed several joins to group 02-155 and then shortly there after I watched Data calls take place in UT.. looked like a poll of some type taking place.. happened every 12 minutes with the joins then 40 seconds later the calls would start and last about 1 minute and 40 seconds to go through all the groups.. and then the cycle would start all over again

02-155 is EM_NET_2 LCRA Emergency Ops Center Network 2

FCC shows several more freqs available for use under that license but they were not observed in use and the only other control channel heard up there was 937.4625 a 4800 NB edacs for Oncor It was too distant to keep a accurate track other than noting it had LCNS 567 in use with 5 being the Control channel.

I am hoping somone close to the area can help confirm this so we can put this in the DB as LCRA San Saba.
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