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Jan 5, 2007
Berlin, NJ
Does anyone know if there is a list of Lebanon co. PD identifier numbers? I hear the police all the time on the simulcast channel to the TRS (at least I think they're on the TRS) , but I don't know who's who.


Apr 20, 2005
California, PA
IIRC, all Lebanon County police depts are on the county TRS, but operate in ProVoice digital mode (unmonitorable). Having said that, and as long as the low-band patch is still in place, this is a list that I found at another board which should be of some help:

1 - County Detectives
2 - County Coroner
3-4 - County Deputy Coroner
5-9 - County Detectives Bureau
10-19 - Cornwall Borough Police (also patrols Mt Gretna Boro and West Cornwall Twp)
20-29 - South Lebanon Township Police
30-39 - North Cornwall Township Police
40-49 - North Lebanon Township Police (also patrols West Lebanon Twp)
50-59 - Palmyra Borough Police
60-69 - South Londonderry Township Police
70-79 - North Londonderry Township Police
80-89 - Heidelberg Township Police
90-99 - Millcreek Township Police (also patrols Richland Boro)
100-109 - Bethel Township Police (possibly inactive; patroled by PSP)
110-119 - Annville Borough Police
120-129 - Myerstown Borough Police
130-139 - Richland Borough Police (see Millcreek)
140-149 - South Annville Township Police
150-159 - North Annville Township Police
160-169 - Cleona Borough Police
170-179 - Tulpehocken Township Police (Berks County)
180 - Fort Indiantown Gap Military Police
181-189 - Mt. Gretna Borough Police (patrolled by Cornwall Boro)
190-199 - VA Hospital Police (Lebanon City)
200-209 - County Sheriff Department
210-219 - Bethel Township Police (Berks County)

Bethel Twp, Cold Spring Twp, East Hanover Twp, Jackson Twp, Jonestown Boro, Swatara Twp, and Union Twp are patrolled by PSP.

The information regarding PSP coverage and muni police coverage contracts are from data from the Pa. Dept. of Community and Economic Development Municipal Statistics web engine. I'm sure that Peter will correct and/or confirm the above information.
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