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Okay this should seem fairly straight forward. I aim to have a clear understanding across the board the difference between Oklahoma City Site 1 Core Simulcast Layer and Site 2 Wide Area Simulcast Layer. Open discussion on the topic on what evryone thinks it is and to establish exactly what it is. This can be beneficial to new people into the hobby listening in Oklahoma City.

My best guess, based on having two signal radios loaded into UniTrunker and 1 voice radio listening to both (3-RTL 2832U R820T). As I watch and compare both site windows I notice the exact same activity on both maybe 1 or 2 on occasion might differ from the other. The voice radio seems to switch off between both Sites alternating when like the Will Rogers TG appears. (CPU SPIKES!!). Then I turn off one of the signal radios and just monitor one signal radio with the voice radio listening. This works when a talk group is on hold as well on the preview version.

So my ultimate guess (perhaps wrong will find out) is that Wide Area is meant to be exactly what the name implies. Wide area coverage. Redundancy? Link use also? Why does Oklahoma City have two sites doing the same thing?

These are only guesses and questions. What can we ascertain?:cool:
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Jul 25, 2004
Have you read the news updates (Oklahoma City Trunking System, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma - Scanner Frequencies In them is a possible answer to your question.

This system will be SIMULCASTED via two layers. One being towards the central part of Oklahoma City and another covering the outlying areas of the city.
Perhaps it was set up that way so the two areas could easily interop while still having separate systems to handle the expected volume of traffic without causing issues. This could be especially true when a large tornado causes damage to both the suburbs and OKC proper. The suburbs would generally be overloading the wide area layer while OKC proper would overload the core system layer. While both systems would probably bonk some users, the separation would allow this to be at a much lower level.
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