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Lexington P25 TRS Questions and Updates


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Dec 20, 2018
Lexington, Kentucky
So after going threw licenses and other items of interest, older reports say that 98% of the county would be covered with this system and looking just at the main page I didn't think 3 sites could do it. Then looking into this license WQRM468 (LEXINGTON-FAYETTE URBAN COUNTY GOVERNMENT / E911) FCC Callsign Details I noticed that there weren't just 3 sites there were 6 sites. Now I'm not sure if site 3 was ever approved since it was listed as proposed on the main DB page found here Lexington-Fayette Urban County Government (P25) Trunking System, Lexington, Kentucky - Scanner Frequencies So here is a rundown for the sites. Site 1: Bluegrass Airport Site 2: WLEX (LEX 18 News Office) Site 3: WKYT (WKYT News) Site 4: Right over the Jessamine Fayette County Line (On Brannon Rd. 0.2 miles west of US 2) Site 5: 4282 Simpson Road (Madison County) Site 11: (I will be referring to this site as site 6) 150 East Main Street.

I have been scanning the system lately and have come across 4 new Talkgroups.

Those new TG are: 1138, 1275, 1201, and 109

1275 is Partially encrypted and 109 is fully encrypted.

If anyone knows if the WKYT site is active and if any of the other sites are active please let me know in the comments.