Light-Up Ocala this evening... new radio talkgroups being used

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Jan 26, 2008
now residing in Ocala, Florida since 1999
Greetings group, I am currently monitoring the Ocala trunked radio system this evening. I have my PRO-106 set to accept WILDCARD hits, and I can confirm for you that Ocala is using talkgroup 1872 for FIRE & EMS support services for this evenings event. Light-Up Ocala has always been a big crowd draw, and the downtown streets are full of Ocala residents who come out to enjoy the festivities... I am listening to several EMS calls being dispatched to personel who are using 4X4 ATV MULE'S to transport injured or sick persons. The MULE'S are being used often to move elderly persons who are having trouble moving about the crowds.

TWO other OCALA talkgroups are being used this evening also. They are 3632 and 1488. I do believe that these two are related to support services for this event, but the majority of communications on these two talkgroups seem to be less official sounding, as first names are being used during transmissions. These could belong to city services who are downtown for the event. Note that TG 1488 is broadcasting numerous radiochecks between each other. But the one to watch would be the first talkgroup, the 1872 which I do believe you will be hearing much action from if you are planning on attending this event, or the upcoming Ocala Christmas Parade.

Happy Monitoring!!
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