Like New BC346XT For Sale

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Jan 27, 2010
South Carolina
My county public safety TRS is going digital very soon (probably going to join the already established statewide digital TRS) so I need to replace my analog 346 for the digital 396. I really don't want to do this until I unload my 346 so I can take a small bite out of the $$$ price tag of the 396. I bought my 346 in late January of 2010 from The scanner is Like-New with low usage (works AWESOME though). I also have all of the other items that came in the box. One catch is that the Serial-USB cable is at school 5 hours away, but I was planning on retrieving it soon as I need some other stuff that's there ASAP.

Right now I just want to get the feel of what the interest level is like for used scanners.

If you are seriously interested by chance, please let me know...don't know what the contact system is like here, so just post a reply.

Also, I plan on putting this up on eBay, if there are other places you know where I could advertise my scanner please let me know.

Not open for further replies.