Linn County Iowa P25 system

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Aug 1, 2008
This system is now on the air. Licenses were granted July 2012 and the first site Boyson Road is on the air with a control channel. There was no traffic on it as of Saturday, Oct 20 2012,
Linn County ops are proceeding on VHF. Since they are wideband I expect they will abandon the vhf by Jan.
License says 100 watt transmit power and 258M elevation, thats near the top of a 700 foot tower run by Com engineering.

Pay close attention to this system as new sites are added. They are using Harris Mastr netwroked trunking repeaters. At this time it is running one site and may have test users on it.
This is a good opportunity to observe the system build out as it goes from single site to multiple site.
Also can check out the range and coverage based on the control channel. Should be really good from such a high site.

I've asked them to use GPS frequency standards on their repeaters to improve scanner compatability but I don't think they are going to.
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