Listen to your BASE scanner or stream with Bluetooth...

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Feb 17, 2006
Los Angeles County
Listening to your BASE scanner (or PC) with Bluetooth...

I like listening to my base scanner when I'm at home because of its wider coverage and stronger signals. At the same time I'm always busy doing chores and working around the house. Here is something I learned from the Skype forums that works great for listening to my base scanner or favorite live scanner stream via the computer and a bluetooth earpiece (assuming your scanner is located near your desktop PC)

It gives me hands-free listening, no wires, no hand-held to carry around, and the chatter doesn't bother the wife and kid. Dongles are only $20 bucks and you can listen to anything thats on the sound card of your computer.

Be sure and get the more powerfull CLASS 1 dongle (will cover all over the house), and disable the Windows Bluetooth drivers (Windows driver has no audio support) and force the WIDCOM driver. Just thought I'd throw this out there for anyone interested...:)

INSTRUCTIONS on how to do it HERE...


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