Listening in on the new Korean crisis

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Jul 22, 2002
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It's quite possible to hear what many of the various governments in the area are saying about the recent North Korean nuke tests. It makes for interesting listening, and it's a good way to introduce yourself into the Asian HF world, if you haven't done so already.

Apart from Pyongyang, which does have English broadcasts (though they sometimes can be spotty), Japan, China, South Korea, Vietnam and Thailand all have English broadcasts. Most all of these can be heard via relays, or direct. Thailand doesn't always seem to start off with World news items, strangely - at least not their North American relay service via the VoA site. They do have other broadcasts that might be worth checking.

You West Coasters have it somewhat easier than us Easterners - you have a chance to hear these countries direct, without the use of a relay. It can be done on the East Coast, but it's more difficult, given the crummy propagation conditions.

Since ILGRadio seems to have pulled the plug on their services (Bernt still hasn't learned about Anti Virus and Anti Spyware software....) you have to look for other services. Prime Time Shortwave offers downloadable files that some software packages can use. The HFCC listings - these are pretty long - can also be somewhat helpful. I wouldn't ignore any past listings of Glenn Hauser's World of Radio, nor the DXLD Yahoo group, altho there hasn't been any Korean specific traffic there lately. I will bet that will change at some point.

Grab a copy of MT and go to the SW listings section. North American SW Association members can always check the Journal for the latest schedules. I would bet some logs can also be had via the ASWLC Yahoo group for our West Coasters. Surprisingly, Gayle van Horn hasn't updated her blog for the crisis yet; hopefully she will soon.

All of this and much more is linked on the SWL Broadcast wiki article (just click on the blue text).

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