Listening to classic football games via MP3 or online streaming radio?

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Dec 19, 2002
Hagerstown, MD
OK So here's an unusual question for a forum that's apparently not used very often...

I'm trying to find out if either of these two things are freely available online:

1) Free (or subscription) online streaming radio that plays the audio from football games already played, similar to how you can watch classic games on cable tv from years past

2) MP3 download of audio from previous football games already played, preferably NFL or college games

I enjoy watching and listening to football but don't feel limited to following one particular team, just enjoying a good game. I don't follow stats at all, either. I'm trying to find a way to listen to old football games while I'm working through the day. It wouldn't make any difference to me if they're already years past; I would play them as if they're live while I'm working and honestly would have no idea the outcome of the game(s).

Thanks for any help on this.
Not open for further replies.