Listening to UWO and Fanshawe College


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Nov 17, 2014
I’m new to the DMR scene and have a question or two. I have a Tytera MD380, and am hoping to listen to UWO and Fanshawe College. I’m not sure if that is possible on this radio, or how to program it. I’ve got LTC inspectors programmed and am able to receive them, no problem. Same with Voyageur. If anyone is able to give me some insight, I’d be really grateful.


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Dec 19, 2002
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Short answer.... kind of.

Longer answer.... it takes some fiddling but will work. Both sites use a mix of conventional and trunking. so the conventional stuff you can program in no problem. For the trunking (since the 380 doesn't support it) you would have to conventionally scan those channels 2 times each (once for time slot 1, once for time slot 2) and be using an RX Group List (or whatever Tytera calls it, I forget..) that contains the talkgroup ID's. This is workable on small systems, with the caveat that you can't hold on any one particular talkgroup. If you want to do that you need to do the process again using a group list with only 1 TG in it, vs a bunch of them.

If you need help sorting this out I can likely guide you along the path...