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Jul 22, 2002
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If you've read the live audio wiki page, you've noticed that it's been undergoing some enhancements. Topics have been moved around a little, some general cleanup and the article was then much easier to read and interpret.

But there was still a problem - it was getting so big that it was beginning to get hard to add anything new.

To solve that problem, the article has been split into 4 topics. Each topic has its own article, so it can grow without bumping into the other adjacent topics. In addition, if new topics are desired, it's a cinch to add them.

I can see several things are really needed - more complete setup instructions for the software feeds (ProScan, etc.), and some more comments/instructions on audio players known to work with the feeds. In addition, fixes for Firefox users (I keep on seeing that Firefox doesn't seem to like the RR player) - perhaps a different add-on, and where you can get it - can also be documented. What about compatible players for Safari, Opera and Chrome?

That's only a small fraction of what could be added

The Live Audio page can be viewed by hovering your mouse over Wiki then selecting Live Audio

The rest, as they say, is up to you. 73 Mike
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