Live Oak talkgroups?

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Jul 22, 2002
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This was found in our wiki - it reads almost like it should have gone to the forum, or perhaps to the DBAs...
This is a more logical way to tag and group by city the Live Oak TRS Talkgroups:

Converse FD CH-1 Group 02-083
Converse FD Tac Group 02-027
Converse PD CH-1 Group 02-096
Converse PD CH-2 Group 02-085
Converse PD CID Group 02-082
Converse PD-Evnt Group 02-097
Judson ISD PD-2 Group 04-122
Live Oak FD CH-1 Group 02-063
Live Oak FD Tac Group 02-026
Live Oak PD CH-1 Group 02-021
Live Oak PD CH-2 Group 04-126
Live Oak PD CID Group 02-062
Live Oak Tr+Warr Group 02-023
Live Oak PubWrks Group 02-075
LOak+Conv PD Ops Group 02-102
Schertz FD Disp* Group 05-082
Schertz FD CH-1 Group 05-083
Schertz FD Tac Group 02-122
Schertz EMS CH-1 Group 02-141
Schertz EMS CH-2 Group 05-084
Schertz EOC Ops Group 05-081
Schertz PD CH-1* Group 05-074
Schertz PD CH-2 Group 05-075
Schertz PD Tr-4 Group 05-076
Schertz AnmlCtr1 Group 05-086
Schertz AnmlCtr2 Group 05-087
SchCibUC ISD PD1 Group 05-094
Selma Command Group 02-117
Selma FD CH-1 * Group 02-103
Selma FD Tac Group 02-025
Selma PD CH-2 Bk Group 02-105
Univ City FD Dis Group 04-141
Univ City FD Tac Group 02-121
Univ City PD CH1 Group 04-144
Univ City PD Tac Group 04-142
Univ City PD CH4 Group 04-145
Univ City PD CID Group 04-146
UC PD Metro Tac* Group 04-125
UC Code Enfrcmnt Group 05-110
Areawide PD SWAT Group 02-022
AreawideEvents-1 Group 02-024
AreawideEvents-2 Group 04-027
AreawideEvents-3 Group 04-030
AreawideEvents-4 Group 04-031
AreawideEvents-5 Group 02-123
Mutual Aid EOC * Group 02-041
Mutual Events-3* Group 04-042
RAFB Air/Crash * Group 04-150
New Private Call Private Wildcard
New Talkgroup ID Group Wildcard



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Feb 9, 2011
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The way it is in the database now is seperated by city which makes things eaiser, Also I think The decimal format for the talkgroups is eaiser to program, but that is just me, up to the DBA's


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Apr 12, 2001
LCRA radio ops on tg 257 site 20. Tg 257 has to be patched to the LCRA system.

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