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Local Terms Meanings ?

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Jun 6, 2006
Cape Breton Regional Municipality
Greetings all,
I'm curious what the following terms I'm hearing my local PD ( Cape Breton ) using when doing checks on people. Forgive me if I use the incorrect letters, but these are what I think they are....

CPIC- Usally heard in conjuction with GENS UPDATE: I found out what this means " Canadian Police Information Center"
GENS- Context of " Person is 10-10( Negative) on GENS UPDATE: STILL NOT SURE WHAT GENS IS
PIP- Context of "Person showing PIPx3" or the officer will say "Can you PIP him" after dealing with someone "UPDATE " Police Information Protocol"

Like i said im not 100% sure these are the abbreviations but thats what they sound like.

Any help is apprecaited....
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