BCD436HP: Locating and configuring for DMR monitoring

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Nov 22, 2015
Recently I noticed some digital noise coming from my scanner which scans the local public services. All the public service departments in this small area still use basic analog radio communications with a few repeaters. My BCD436HP has the DMR upgrade and I started noticing just 2 days ago that all the public services are now coming through other frequencies using DMR. I can hear them on analog and on these new DMR frequencies. I feel like they are moving everything over to DMR because they have been doing a lot of testing and "how does this sound" statements. I've been scanning 150-160MHz and wrote down 8 different frequencies that DMR is coming through on. They are also sharing these as I hear the local PD and SO now on the same frequency at times. All the color codes are always 0 and I see slot 1 and slot 2 used and sometimes no slot shows up which I don't understand. I also still get digital noise on these frequencies at times as if maybe they are trunked or the digital signal can't be converted by the scanner. What is the best way for me to determine the frequencies used and how can I configure my scanner to monitor these public services. Also, if I can figure all this out how can I help update the RadioReference database as to these changes in my area. Thanks so much.
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