Location-Based Freescan File for Oregon

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May 15, 2003
Portland, Oregon
If anyone's interested, I've attached a Freescan file for the BCD396XT / BCD996XT that includes location-based Public Safety entries for all of Oregon. I gathered most of the data from RR, with a few additions based on my own research. It includes USFS and ODF entries. I built the file for use on a July 4th camping trip. When I started to build it I wasn't sure where in the state I'd wind up going, so I just built out the whole state. Of course I can't gaurantee everything is there, or that it's all accurate, but I think it's a good start, and likely contains about 90% useful/accurate info. I changed most of the GPS location info from what was in the RR database. I tried to build the file based on political boundaries rather than transmitter locations. So the location/radius info is designed to cover an entire county, or city, or precinct, and then extend out several miles. Because we're working with circles here it is not a precise science, but overall it seems to work quite well. In the case of trunked syestems, I tried to guestimate location-based info based on simulcast or intellirepeater locations, rather than polital boundaries, and then assigned poilitical-based info to individual groups within the system. So for instance if you're at Multnomah Falls, you'll only hear the Multnomah County Sheriff, and the Portland Fire talkgroups, and you'll be receiving those signals only from the Biddle Butte intellirepeater. From Multnomah Falls you'd also be scanning Portland OSP, Vancouver WSP, Skamania County, and Mt. Hood Natl Forest.
Also attached is a map showing Oregon counties and the Quick Keys I've assigned to each. Note there's several more QK's in the lower right corner, for State Police, USFS, etc. The groups under QK 45 (ODF, NIFC, etc) aren't enabled for location based scanning because I haven't yet built in location info for those groups.
I used a Garmin Geko 301 for the GPS input, which worked great. I wound up camping in Central Oregon, and while travelling the location based scanning was a lot of fun. Very nice not having to punch buttons as you drive.
Feel free to update the Freescan file with better data if you have it, then upload your revised file and we'll all benefit.



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