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Long Beach Red Cross Frequencies

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Feb 19, 2006
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I don't know of any UHFs for the Long Beach Chapter, but Orange County/Santa Ana ARC has a new license for 10-watt ERP mobiles on 460.175 & 465.175.

The Pasadena Chapter has repeaters on 463.35, 463.975, 464.50, 464.55 and some additional 2-watt UHF freqencies. L.A. Chapter also has some UHF frequencies, mobiles only.


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May 10, 2005
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ARC Los Angeles County

I couldn't find any ARC frequencies specifically for Long Beach, but you may want to try these:

[B][FONT=&quot]Los Angeles[/FONT][/B][B][FONT=&quot] County American Red Cross[/FONT][/B][FONT=&quot]

[B][U]Description/Location                Frequency       Tone [/U][/B]
Glendale (Mt. Thom)                 461.2500        162.2
Orange County (Santiago Peak)       462.5750        192.8
Los Angeles (Mt. Lukens)            462.6750        192.8
Los Angeles (Oat Mt.)               463.6750        192.8
Los Angeles (Palos Verdes)          463.5000        192.8[/FONT][FONT=&quot]
San Gabriel Valley (Johnstone Pk.)  463.9750         97.4[/FONT]
[B]San Gabriel[/B][B] Valley Chapter ARC[/B]
San Gabriel Valley Tac 1            464.5000         97.4
San Gabriel Valley Tac 2            464.5500         97.4
San Gabriel Valley Tac 3            463.3375         97.4
San Gabriel Valley Tac 4            463.4125         97.4
San Gabriel Valley Tac 5            463.6375         97.4

[B]ARC - Nationwide UHF (PL tones - local control)[/B]
CHANNEL 1                           463.4750
CHANNEL 2                           464.5500
CHANNEL 3                           462.6750
CHANNEL 4                           463.0125
CHANNEL 5                           463.5000
CHANNEL 6                           463.1125
CHANNEL 7                           463.1875
Unassigned                          461.7875
Unassigned                          461.1875
Unassigned                          462.3000
Unassigned                          463.0875
Unassigned                          463.3500
Unassigned                          463.4875
Unassigned                          464.0625
Unassigned                          464.7500[/FONT]
Hope this helps! :wink:
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