Lonoke County: Arkansas Police Impersonator's Arrest Recorded By His Own Body Camera

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May 15, 2002
Clark County, Nevada
Get a beer & some popcorn & watch this video.

Jeremy D Kurck Inmate 201218559: Lonoke County Jail near Lonoke, AR

With all of his "Yes Sirs, no sirs," & honesty, you *almost* start to feel bad for the guy. His amateur radio license is WA5JK, and he just
renewed it last month. There is a RadioReference account under that callsign.

https://wireless2.fcc.gov/UlsApp/UlsSearch/license.jsp?licKey=3195347 & according to this, he's even got a repeater under his callsign:
Arkansas Repeaters - Google My Maps

A Little About Me – JeremyKurck.com

He is/was a Private Investigator! TinyURL.com - shorten that long URL into a tiny URL

He stated the radio was issued to him by Arkansas Dept of Emergency Management, but I
suspect the XTS5000 radio was owned by him & based on everything else, it wouldn't be surprised if
it was cloned & illegally on the AWIN network (since it's a 700/800MHz trunked system,
his radio would affiliate -- another criminal charge) -- I don't think ADEM is small
enough to where they'd need to issue average (non-ECs, non-RACES Officers) RACES members a radio on
their system, and when the deputy used his radio, his Dispatch advised (at 14+13 in the video) the Radio ID showed as ADEM 5
on their CAD screen, but his own body came is set up with ADEM 1 & certainly that wouldn't have been issued to

AWIN System: Technology

The guy obviously has major issues -- he's a bad-guy for sure & the Deputies were especially pissed after
seeing him doing 90+MPH -- but this is also kind of a lesson for normal people too that if you get pulled-over,
be polite, but also politely decline to answer their 'fishing' questions & consent to much.

He's an ARRL Volunteer Examiner! VE Session Counts

Surprisingly, no antennas visible in a 2013 Street View image of the house:
TinyURL.com - shorten that long URL into a tiny URL

Kurck Training, Inc. | Professional Arkansas Dog Training and Equipment His home address is used as his business location, but aerial imagery
indicates zero dog training facilities in the front or back yards. TinyURL.com - shorten that long URL into a tiny URL
Plus, he's got links to electric shock collars on his business web page -- no decent dog trainer would
condone the use of shock collars.

Be sure to read this page, where Jeremy explains why... CERTIFICATION... is important to have:
Why Does Certification Matter? | Kurck Training, Inc.

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