Looking for a Grundig G3 replacement

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Apr 27, 2014
Hello, everyone. This is my first post, and I'm looking for a recommendation of which radio to buy. I had a Grundig G3, but it's broken and can't be fixed, so I have to choose between getting another G3 or something else. Does anyone know of a portable shortwave radio that does better on FM than the G3?

Sensitivity, selectivity, and dynamic range on FM are important to me (I live near a city and within 3 miles of ten powerful FM stations). Second to that would be good performance on shortwave and SSB reception. I don't care much about AM or longwave. Sound quality, ease of use, and other minor touches aren't very important to me. I mostly care about raw performance. I'm also worried about the soft muting employed in the DSP radios; how bad is it on weak, fading signals?

Thanks, everyone.


Sep 2, 2012
I don't know how it would compare to other similar portables, but the Radio Shack "World Receiver" 20-629, -- a Sangean ATS505, basically -- pulls in a lot of stations.

I'm not into FM or FM DXing, but recently I switched my World Receiver to FM and tuned around, and it pulled in FM stations from fringe areas that most of my other radios didn't.

So for the price ($80 at Radio Shack) it would at least be something that could hold you over until you get another radio that's better.

It's also very good on Shortwave broadcast listening, fair on SSB. No soft muting.

Just a thought anyway....

I have read a lot of comments about the Tecsun radios, a lot of people swear by them on all the bands, so that would be another way you'd want to go.
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