Looking for a MA SW radio repair source

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Mar 4, 2008
Sorry this is not related to scanners, but thought it would be the best place.

I'm looking for either a store or an experience technicians to do some (hopefully) minor repair work on two of my SW units. Please note that I am not technically inclined, not good with electronics, and would rather pay someone to fix than risk ruining these things with my own stumblefingers.

I've got a Sony ICF-2010 that has a persistent "Error 3" situation occurring both with batteries and with the power supply. It does go between the "Error 3" and actually working if you jiggle it, but if a molecule hits it it goes back to Error 3. My guess is that there's a loos connection to the main power supply. I know this is a common problem with these things.

I've got a JRC NRD 545 that has the tip of a headphone plug stuck inside the headphone jack. The tip fell off when the plug broke. It can probably be pulled out with a tint hook thing (lord knows I've tried), but the jack is such that there a little level inside that needs to be pushed to the side to allow the tip to move past it (i.e., when you stick the jack it, it 'holds' this little level thingie against the side.

If anyone here does this kind of work, or knows someone in the Boston area who does, I'd appreciate a PM with a name and contact info. Thanks!

Jeff in Natick
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