Looking for a multi-band mobile antenna covering VHF low

Jun 9, 2020
Menifee, CA
I am looking for a quality multivand mobile antenna preferably with an MMO mount covering 42 MHz, all of the VHF airband up through CALFIRE/US Forest Service (118 - 173 mhz) and 700/800. I know that's a lot to ask since VHF low band is pretty much not in use. But the California Highway Patrol is there and they have no intention to moving. I have learned that I can do it with a diamond mx2000 triplexer that is reversed but then I will need three separate antennas and I don't want to do that. I'm a retired cop and I don't want to look like a cop.


Jun 30, 2006
So Cal - Richardson, TX - Tewksbury, MA
What you are looking for doesn't really exist with VHF air band, if you compromise that the old A/S MON series will cover 42MHz (after tuning) plus roughly 150-174, 450-512 and 800. So will the Austin Spectra although in my field testing the A/S works better in the VHF lo and UHF ranges. VHF air on these is about like a random coat hanger wire.

Here is some info with a gain chart comparing the A/S and Spectra to a broad band military antenna but VHF lo through UHF, no 700 or 800.
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