Looking for Antenna Mounting Options

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Sep 3, 2007
Some of you may remember a post I made a week or two ago about basically getting my antenna otuside to increase reception (whether a mag mount or RS 20-176). Well, I decided to go with the 20-176 and my eyes have been opened. I can never go back to a regular back of set antenna again. However, Now that I have experienced what an outdoor antenna can do, I want more. I had purchased a Scantenna ST2 probably a year back and didn't do anything with it was I wasn't sure what to do with it. However, after looking around outside, I have an idea I want to run by you folks with some more antenna experience than me and see what the consensus is. My mounting options are limited so I am basically making due what I've got. My thought was to attack the ST2 to the gutter (almost using the gutter pipe) as the post in order to get it vertical. I was also thinking of maybe getting a piece of PVC and mounting it horizontally go another piece of vertical pipe to extend the ST2 past the roof line. Not sure what the stability of this would be which is why I am on here looking for advice. Also, I am sure this would need to be grounded and am curious as to how that would be done.

Picture A is my 20-176 (Not idea but best I can do right now).

Picture B is the area (gutter) I was thinking of mounting my ST2 to.

Please post any suggestions, ideas, things you may have done as I am open to hearing it all. I really want to get this up and running. (The extra cables are my ST2 sitting out there waiting to be mounted).

Picture A

Picture B

Thanks a lot.

Also, what are some ways to mount it to the gutter (if this is indeed a legit option). Plastic ties or what are some things to look for?
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