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Sep 5, 2003
I recently was given a list of freq/pl info and was wondering if anyone here can confirm some of them I have listed below---It's VERY IMPORTANT that the pl info be correct. I have my scanner set up for multi county use--Many counties use the same freq but different pl's

Bradford Co EMA 158.835 pl 210.7

Columbia Co EMA 154.055 pl 141.3
Columbia Co EMA 155.055 pl 141.3
Columbia Co EMA 453.525 pl 103.5

Life Lion med Chopper 155.355 pl 146.2

Monroe Co Fire 453.425 DPL 223

Susquehanna Co Fire Police 156.090 pl 71.9
Susquehanna Co Fire Police 153.920 pl 71.9

Tobyhanna Township (Monroe County) 460.6325 (looking for PL too)
Tobyhanna Township (Monroe County) 460.6125 (looking for PL too)

Wyoming Co EMS 155.805 pl 146.2
Wyoming Co Police 155.190 pl 186.2
Wyoming Co Fire Ground 155.955 Pl 131.8
Wyoming Co Fire Ground 155.220 pl 186.2
Wyoming Co Fire Police 151.625 pl 156.7

Again keep in mind I am looking for confirmation on the freq's AND pl's


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Dec 31, 2005
Mountaintop, PA
I just stared working on Wyoming County, as it is poorly represented here. I put in all your Freq's, plus others from various lists. This is what I have confirmed so far:
155.7300 County Fire (Dispatch) 173.8
155.9550 County #1 (Also Life Flight) 131.8
155.2350 County (MED 1-Dispatch) 141.3
156.2100 County Police (F1) 186.2

I'm 30 miles from the area, so I will not hear everything.
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