Looking for Glenmora police frequencies

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Jul 28, 2011
Alexandria, LA
I'm having trouble monitoring the township agencies south of Woodworth in Rapides Parish. These are the towns of Glenmora, McNary, and Forest Hill. However, S.O. units in that area use analog VHF and I can hear them great all the way in Alexandria even with my rubber ducky 800 antenna.

Last night there was a situation down there involving a shooting suspect, but the only one who could make contact with Glenmora PD was the Sheriff substation dispatcher. I know this because I heard the HQ dispatcher radio to the substation asking them to relay a message to Glenmora PD unit GP-1.

My only guess at this point is:

1. They moved to LWIN (or..)
2. They have a small repeater of their own that isn't powerful enough to reach Alexandria.

By the way, I did find one frequency for Glenmora in the FCC database (155.0850) under the callsign KWJ407, but I only hear silence. If that frequency is indeed what they are using, I'm still curious as to what system McNary and Forest Hill are using.

Thanks :)
Not open for further replies.