Looking for new Scanner


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May 4, 2015
Thank you all for the responses, I am in a suburb of Phoenix, about 30 minutes Northeast, called Fountain Hills. I listen mostly to Police and Fire,( being retired Philly Police, I still enjoy the radio talk.) I dabble in air traffic communications.
Sounds like the SDS 100 or 200 is what I should set my eyes toward.
Oh yeah, also a ham radio dude.m. W3HOG.
Being in the Northeast Valley the SDS scanners are a good choice for the digital systems. You will be able to hear the Maricopa County P25 system that MCSO uses. You will also hear the Mesa Topaz, Phoenix RWC, and the AZWINS systems very reliably with a good 800mhz antenna such as the Remtronix. With that being said I would also suggest a good conventional scanner being as you are in Fountain HIlls and Fire/EMS service is covered by Rural Metro, my SDS100 can be hit or miss with conventional frequencies. You also may want to program a dual band ham radio with a few of the conventional frequencies if you haven't done so already to save yourself the extra expense of buying another scanner.