looking for quick key config examples

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Apr 12, 2013
Northeastern Ontario
I'm wondering if anyone would care to share perhaps a freescan file of their 396XT or 996 config with group and quick keys used?
Basically, I'm looking for someone who has a bunch of trunked and conventional systems all programmed in and layed out really well with group and quick keys that I can use to help me layout and better make use of quick keys.
I've been using them for quite some time now and I'm understanding, but I know there's much better ways to better use my quick keys and I'm hoping someone might be willing to share their config with me just for a sample/ideas.
Location and programming system difference won't matter at all, but seeing how someone who's really good at utilizing quick keys did it might really help me.

Is there anyone willing to send me over their complete config for a view? I mainly use FreeScan but if its from a different program I can load that up as well for comparison.

thanks for any help;
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