Looking to sell


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Apr 29, 2011
Stillwater MN, Houlton WI.
I have a directional antenna, tripod for mounting and 2 12 foot poles that piece together. Also 150 feet of RG8 (Atleast I think it's RG8) that was custom soldered with radio scanner connections. Just wondering if anyone knows of a store that buys or maybe even trades for things? I'd like to get rid of it for either cash or maybe money towards a new scanner? I called Axman on university ave in st paul, they said they don't wanna deal with it. I am in Brooklyn Center now, moving from Stillwater mn. New owner didn't want the antenna on the roof so the kids removed it for me. I paid $400 for it, other than weather related wear and tear, everything is in decent shape. With inflation the setup may cost $1,200 now. I will post pictures this weekend, maybe someone here is interested? If not a store that wheels and deals would suffice as well, cant find any good leads on google searches. This setup dialed me into Minneapolis Simulcast and we listened to the riots and followed right along with what they were showing on TV with the cops, it was very interesting to say the least.